2D/3D No Text Intros For YouTube

Below is a huge collection of pre-made 2D and 3D no text intro animations by IntroJungle. The animations are FREE and can be downloaded immediately. Use them as you like, no licensing is required from IntroJungle.

These no text animations can easily be used with Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro or any other video editor of your choice. Just place the layer of your text/logo above the animation and BOOM! Your YouTube channel intro is ready.

In case you do not have expertise or knowledge to make your own intro with these animations, or you do not own the software and hardware required for the editing, feel free to visit IntroJungle’s template gallery to choose a high-quality custom intro for your YouTube channel.

The collection below is regularly updated with new animations, come back later if you do not find what you were looking for.

1. Architectural Promo

This animation offers an exciting architectural well-designed short intro for your YouTube channel. This Intro is very much suitable for the content based on educational or tutorial videos, vlogging, and health advice. Feel free to download.

ID: NJ0575
Price: $19.99 — FREE

2. Modern Geometric Promo

This Modern Geometric Promo offers a very high-dynamic Intro for your channel. Be it a prank video channel or a spoof video channel, the Intro can be used on any channel as the layout and style is very universal. Helvetica fonts and logos are strongly recommended for this Intro.

ID: NJ0576
Price: $19.99 — FREE

3. Magnified Colorful Smoke

Colorfully rich smoke with a very classic magnifying glass effect is the best intro for scientific experiments learning-based videos, space exploration information videos or zodiac YouTube channel videos. Get it immediately by clicking the button below!

ID: NJ0577
Price: $19.99 — FREE

4. Dynamic Fire Intro

This Intro features HD realistic fire effect and the recommended use of this promo is for those channels offering reviews on PC/mobile games/gadgets or sports videos. Tech-oriented content would align perfectly with this exciting Dynamic Fire!

ID: NJ0578
Price: $19.99 — FREE

5. Futuristic Glow

Youtube Channels that are made for futuristic content or about new progress regarding technology are the best match for this animation. Travel related videos can also get a good first impression from viewers with this intro animation. This Intro is made to give your viewers a good start before watching your valuable content.

ID: NJ0579
Price: $19.99 — FREE

6. Vibrant Cosmic Galaxy

The smoke effect promo with a very exciting and powerful cosmic galaxy effect offers a vibrant start to your YouTube videos. This HD promo will motivate and inspire the viewer and set the tone for them to watch your video till the end. Have it free.

ID: NJ0580
Price: $19.99 — FREE

7. Pink Tasty Smoke

This female-friendly smoky Intro is suitable for all the videos that offer female-oriented content. Be it makeup and beauty tutorials or diet and well-being guides, this can be used with all the trends about women’s lifestyles including food and recipes.

ID: NJ0581
Price: $19.99 — FREE

8. A Galaxy Glitter

Galaxy with a glittering effect gives you a very much magnetic/spiritual feel. This HD Promo may lead your videos that educate your viewer about space and tech-oriented content, or religious videos.

ID: NJ0582
Price: $19.99 — FREE

9. Super HD Water Splashes

The super-slow motion water splashes promo is made for the channels that host videos about sports, passion, lifestyle. This fresh promo can give your videos a kick start.

ID: NJ0583
Price: $19.99 — FREE