Elegant YouTube Intro Video Collection — inspired by Minimalism

It is true that not everyone likes graphics-heavy 3D intro animations for their YouTube channels except gaming channel owners, and there is a reason for that! All the super popular games like League of Legends follow a similar pattern of titles and graphics. They are heavy, metallic and gothic.

On the other hand, people who create content on topics like travel, kitchen, and education like to have an intro which is light and sleek. What else can entertain this requirement other than the minimalism? Once an art movement is now an everyday choice of many people like you and me.

The collection below from IntroJungle brings you a range of intros inspired by minimalism. They are elegant, easy to read and resonate with a certain mood of the content.

1. Minimalistic Vlogs

If you or your channel make short videos aka vlogs, this intro template is a MUST! It’s warm and clear and has a fashion/lifestyle vibe to it.

ID: NJ0564
Price: $29.99 — FREE

2. Water Travel Channel

This intro template is a tailor-made motion graphic for YouTube channels about Yachts, cruise travel, and boating. It has a blue theme that goes very well with the ocean and the open skies we witness while we travel. It definitely can be used in more situations than water travel. Do not hesitate to have it if you believe it suits your brand.

ID: NJ0558
Price: $29.99 — FREE

3. Technology Channel

A YouTube channel intro about technology/news is not complete without lens flares. This design offers two much-needed elements for a tech content creator’s brand, glow & clarity! Use it in any other way you like.

ID: NJ0559
Price: $29.99 — FREE

4. Sports YouTube Channel

Do you make videos about sports and recreation? This intro serves you the best. It is a beautiful 3D illusion that is not heavy on eyes and yet pronounce energy on screen. This beginning piece would set the mood for your videos coming afterward.

ID: NJ0561
Price: $29.99 — FREE

5. Pets Channel

Who does not love pets? YouTube, the biggest video platform today was once associated with only people watching cat videos. Despite a huge number of pet channels out there, there is always space for new content creators to come and win. You can politely ask our designers to make you a version with the animal-friend of your choice(we love them all, anyway). They’ll be glad to help you in that matter.

ID: NJ0556
Price: $29.99 — FREE

6. Motivational Channel

A motivational video channel needs computer graphics that are simple, soothing and inspirational. This IntroJungle intro contains all those elements. Whether you upload live-action speeches or audio speeches with text overlays, this intro is going to package your content well.

ID: NJ0565
Price: $29.99 — FREE

7. Food/Cooking Channel

Today, most kitchen lovers who have a smartphone have a YouTube channel too. Why not? Everyone should have if they think they have got something to share with the rest of the world, but the problem is how to stand out? Use a professionally-made opening intro with your videos. It prepares your audiences about what to expect. Use the best clips from your previous videos to let the new viewers know what other recipes you already have made on your channel. They would stick and spend more time on your YouTube channel. More time means more revenue 🙂

ID: NJ0557
Price: $29.99 — FREE

8. Makeup/Beauty Channel

The most popular video by Huda Kattan has 12million+ views so far, the video is made with a smartphone and has a very minimalistic 5-sec intro which says “” in pink and white colors. Because going over-the-top with beauty and makeup video titles can kill the impression. Use this beauty intro by IntroJungle to have the same Huda Kattan impact on your audiences.

ID: NJ0562
Price: $29.99 — FREE

9. Female Solo Traveler Channel

This particular intro, unlike our others, is specifically made for YouTubers who are solo female travelers. It is red, smoky and minimalistic. Go for it if you make this type of content.

ID: NJ0563
Price: $29.99 — FREE

10. DIY Channel

A do-it-yourself or DIY channel needs to have an intro design that depicts craft. IntroJungle‘s DIY intro template for YouTube video is a perfect answer to that. It can be widely used on all kinds of videos/channels that more or less discuss handy crafts.

ID: NJ0560
Price: $29.99 — FREE

You can also check out our intro animations without text if you are looking for something different and more customizable.

What do you think?

Written by IntroJungle