Super Amazing YouTube Logo Animations

Tired of trying to find intro animation templates for your YouTube channel? IntroJungle has created this collection of multiple intro logo animations for the YouTube channel you have created. It includes very professionally-made HD intro animations. The intros are colorful, energetic and busy. You may also like to check out the IntroJungle collection of Elegant YouTube Intro Templates or 2D+3D No Text Intros.

1. Promo Title V 1

A television-program style intro animation that can be a perfect choice for YouTube channels that make videos about food, music and entertainment.

ID: NJ0566
Price: $29.99 — FREE

2. Promo Title V 2

The intro template is a perfect match for warm, vibrant and funky promos.

ID: NJ0567
Price: $29.99 — FREE

3. Funky

As the name describes, the intro matches well to channels with comedy entertaining videos.

ID: NJ0568
Price: $29.99 — FREE

4. Thriller / Sci-Fi

Suitable for gaming and news channels with an action/thriller mood.

ID: NJ0569
Price: $29.99 — FREE

5. Creamy Contrast

The intro is smooth and simple but not boring. Use it to give your brand a simple yet colorful feel. Do not forget that you can politely ask IntroJungle designers to customize colors of this intro template according to your choice of brand.

ID: NJ0570
Price: $29.99 — FREE

6. Energetic Opening

Perfect for gaming YouTube channels.

ID: NJ0571
Price: $29.99 — FREE

7. Logo Reveal with Waves

This intro template is high definition and carries a unique complex animation that other YouTube intro animations do not have. It can be used with almost every type of content channels. Share your logo or channel name with the IntroJungle team and they’ll create a customized version of the above animation for you… FREE!

ID: NJ0572
Price: $29.99 — FREE

8. Glowing Elements Logo

This template will convert your logo or channel name into a firey energetic animation with fire particles flying around it and bouncing off the floor.

ID: NJ0573
Price: $29.99 — FREE

9. Dark & Red Movement

A modern intro template to complement any type of content you might have created on your YouTube channel. The gaming channel can take advantage of this animation the best.

ID: NJ0574
Price: $29.99 — FREE

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