How Do I Make My YouTube Videos Longer?

Every YouTuber wants their audience to watch their videos to gain maximum views and watch time. Also, they have to follow a standard that YouTube has set for them to achieve maximum success by delivering up to the standards of the algorithm. As a YouTuber, you might ask yourself “How do I make longer videos for my Channel?”

You can increase your video length by adding certain elements such as Intro of your channel, animated titles/ slides when you switch one scene/topic to the other, and by selecting an interesting topic on which people are curious to know about, doing full-fledged research about the particular video and have a written script before you start your next content. Also, watch the content of a market leader in your niche and notice how they’re able to create lengthy videos successfully.

The ideal length for a video is 15 minutes on average. These are some factors you need to consider to achieve the maximum results and appreciation from both YouTube and your audiences.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment:

As a YouTuber, you should always be ready to try different styles to bring freshness to your channel. You can always experiment within your genre and think out of the box and surprise your audience with fresh and engaging ideas by adding a new, different, or longer video.

Consider The Genre Of Your Video:

When you have decided to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. The second thing you must consider is the genre of your videos. If any topic demands only a short answer such as how to change the font in Adobe Photoshop, no one is interested to watch a 15 minutes long video on just one simple information that can be told in 1 minute. Instead of that, you can make a long video about font selection and typography aesthetics. So, it’s time to get creative. Below are some examples for you that how you can create long YouTube video depending on your genre.

  • Tech review Channel: Tech Documentaries
  • Cooking Channel: Recipes which takes a longer time
  • Gaming Channel: Live Stream Gaming
  • Top 10 Facts:  Documentaries 
  • Comedy/Fiction Channel: Web Series
  • Sports Channel: Legend’s Biographies
  • Fitness Channel: Complete Workout/Diet plan
  • Tutorial Channel: Learn everything about software in 15 minutes.
  • Travel Channel: Cover all the interesting facts about a city with Historical facts or any other interesting information.

Use Intros and Sliders:

Since using YouTube Intros automatically adds 5-15 seconds length to your video. You can also add more animations, transition, end screen in order to hold the attention of your audience for a longer time and also adding a branded element to your content. Explore the IntroJungle Gallery to find your favorite intro for your YouTube channel.


It is important to understand that the main goal of YouTube itself is to hold an audience on its platform as long as they can. It is more likely that it recommends your content to more people so that they spend their time on YouTube. That’s why it recommends you upload longer videos as it plays a vital role to retain the user for more time. The time a user spends on your channel is called session time and is a key metric for you to achieve if you want the platform to recommend your videos often. So it is strongly recommended and appreciated to upload videos that are 15 minutes long.  So be creative with your content and keep experimenting, follow the steps mentioned above, as they will definitely help you to create long videos and ensure your success.