How To Reverse A Youtube Playlist?

A YouTube playlist is one of the biggest and most common hacks you can use to increase your viewership and watch time. It is certain you have made a good impression on viewers when they have watched your video completely, which means you are able to hold the attention of the viewers throughout the video. Now, this is the time you can engage them with more of your content and gain a subscriber. Understanding YouTube analytics is easy and would help you understand how much time a viewer spends on your video and other important details regarding user behavior.

The exact way to reverse a playlist is very simple. First, go to the playlist that you want to reverse. You will see 3 little dots on the right side with the option to add all. Add all the videos to a new private playlist of your own. You can reverse the order or even edit it in any order you think will work better for your YouTube channel.

There are many factors you should consider when reversing and editing playlists on YouTube. Every playlist has a different objective and your order of playlist varies according to the genre, objective, and what sequence will be suitable for your content. Avoid adding unlisted videos in your playlist as views and watch time earned on these video do not contribute to the overall performance of your channel. What are unlisted videos?

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Change The Order of YouTube Playlist

Here’s the method of how to get your desired sequence for videos inside a playlist.

  1. Access the playlist management page on your computer browser or open the YouTube application if you’re on a Smartphone.
  2. Click the “Edit” button for the playlist you want to make changes to.
  3. Click the Playlist Settings
  4. Use the Ordering dropdown to select your desired sort order. You can change the order and customize all of your videos in the playlist and choose the sequence which works the most in your benefit.

Organize The YouTube Playlist

There are many ways you can organize a YouTube playlist. Here is the precise method of how to do it. You can make changes to your oldest or newest videos:

  1. Go to and click the icon of your channel in the top right corner on and click YouTube Studio
  2. From the left menu, select Playlists
  3. Go to the playlist, on the playlist you want to make changes to, click Edit.
  4. Under the playlist’s title, click More
  5. Now click playlist settings
  6. Go to advanced settings
  7. Click the auto-add tab and customize the sequence in your desired order
  8. Click save & your Playlist will be saved accordingly

As Google chrome and YouTube both are from the same parent company Google, it is recommended to use Google chrome for all such activities regarding a fast pace and smooth working.

Does Deleting a Playlist Delete The Videos?

You might wonder if deleting a playlist on YouTube deletes the videos inside it as well. The clear answer is No, they will stay in your channel even if you have deleted the playlist that had them. Making any change to the playlists does not make any changes to the video.

How many Videos You can add?

The maximum number of videos you can add in one playlist is up to 5,000. However, this is not recommended to add too many videos in just one playlist. As a viewer, you can only watch a certain number of videos in a playlist. It is recommended to add less than 100 videos in one Playlist. If you have more than 100 similar videos, try to split the content and create more playlists. From a viewer’s perspective, they are there to help the viewer identify a certain type of content and watch without missing out anything important in the context.

Add All Videos To A Playlist On Youtube?

If it is already on YouTube, open your channel and go to videos. Now click three dots and choose the Add to playlist sign, your all playlists will appear, you can either add to the old playlist or click a new one, it completely depends on your choice and which particular sequence helps you more in achieving your objective.

Choose Your Playlist While Uploading

While you’re uploading the video in YouTube studio, as the upload is in the process you can select which playlist should be featuring the particular content. You can also create a new playlist to feature this current upload. Make sure the playlist is in the right order before you update your new content.

What Is The Ideal Order Of Your Order Playlist?

For entertainment, If you are making a playlist that refers to a series, you should always arrange it from the oldest to the newest. To be precise, your episode 1 should be the first one of your YouTube playlist, if that’s not in that order, immediately reverse YouTube playlist. If you are making skits or you make content on trendy topics it should be from the newest to the oldest of your videos.

If you are making any sort of training, the introduction of the training should always be the first one of your sequence, if your latest one is showing up there on the top thumbnail of the playlist you should immediately reverse order.

If you have a music channel your first should be actually your latest song because most definitely that music video will be the latest talk of the town and you want people to check that out before any other song.

In simple words, if your content is based on series/episode-based content. Your oldest video must be the first here to appear. If your playlist is more about current trends and topics it is recommended to make it newest to oldest.

SEO Advantage For YouTube Playlists

If you have put the right tags and the top 10 tags of those videos are most relevant to your videos. Your other content will definitely have an advantage in getting views, hence adding your watch time, in order to get monetized and earn more views.


Now that you know how can you reverse YouTube playlists, the other important factors should not be taken aside while choosing the order and sequence which help your YouTube channel to grow more and earn more views, watch time, subscribers, and fans organically. It is also important to consider while you are making a YouTube channel content strategy to not just think about a single video but think about Playlist.