How do You Start a YouTube Channel in 2021?

Starting a YouTube channel to make money has been a trend in recent years. YouTube provides opportunity to content creators of all sizes to build a following. That is why people of all ages have been attracted to YouTube and decided to start their YouTube channel.

Every week, hundreds of thousands of content creators join YouTube. But, only few of them get success. The same trend seems to continue in 2021. Being successful on YouTube is not difficult. but, it requires a certain level of dedication and understanding. One cannot upload couple of random videos on YouTube and wait for a paycheck in their account. It is not all about YouTube videos; you’ll need good channel art, channel description, and an effective social media strategy to get your new channel up and running.

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube is a complete business model. One that shares monetary benefits with its video creators. But a lot of people find it difficult to follow the YouTube policy and industry best practices.

Below is a detailed guide about how to get started on YouTube and make money in 2021. In this step-by-step guide, you will go through all the challenges that new YouTubers face when starting out. At the end of this article, you’ll be ready to make money. You will also learn to create a new channel, make creative and technical choices about your channel, and upload initial videos.

1. Choose a Name

Do not make your first video yet, neither create a YouTube account. First, decide a name of your YouTube channel. Your channel name is the most important branding factor along display picture. A complicated channel name with punctuation in it, would be difficult to remember, and an easy common name would not be unique at all. Also, make sure that your channel name is not a registered trademark by someone else.

Here is a list of 100+ YouTube Name Ideas for new channels that you can use to get an inspiration. It also has methods to create your own channel name from scratch. Already created a YouTube account? Do not worry, a single Gmail account and run multiple YouTube channels without any problems.

2. Style Your Content

Anyone would avow that they do not like to watch low-quality YouTube videos. It is important that you stylize your channel and YouTube videos in a way that is pleasing and keeps your viewers engaged. Stylized videos will increase average retention time too. Personalize your YouTube channel with a relevant display picture and a high resolution, high quality channel art. Your channel is like your homepage on the website, design it.

Don’t know where to start styling? Checkout these YouTube Video Background Ideas to begin decorating your shooting place.

3. Shying New YouTuber?

Here comes a major barrier! Do you not feel comfortable being in front of camera? Are you the shy type who is not prepared to perform and record at the same time? Worry not, there are many other ways that YouTubers use to Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Face. There are channels that create; tutorials, audio books, and many other content formats to create an audience.

4. Make Longer Videos

You have to know this, YouTube favors longer videos over short clips. It is win-win situation for YouTube itself and you, the creator. Why? It allows YouTube to have longer retention time of viewers on their platform, and you get to have more advertisements placed on your content. More ads mean more revenue.

5. Time to upload

The best time to upload your videos is when your fans are online. Read the complete guide about the question What Is The Best Time To Upload To YouTube? Asking your viewers to share the video can dramatically increase your social media shares and boost video coverage.

If you are not a video editing ace, you might find it hard to create file that light weight and get uploaded quickly. The secret is usually in fast internet connection and a better export format.

6. Check Your Progress

Do not skip it! Avoiding analytics would only leave you clueless. YouTube analytics are a powerful set of tools that help you understand behavior of visitors that come to your YouTube channel.

What data can YouTube analytics provide? You can easily get answers to these questions with YouTube analytics:

  • What YouTube video has got most views?
  • How much time did viewers spend on your video?
  • What country the visitors were based in?
  • How did they find your video? Via search, social media, or YouTube discovery feature.
  • How many people got impressions of your video but did not click it.
  • What devices your visitors were using?

And many more.

7. Stay Away from Shortcuts

It is easy to fall for traps online that claim to offer you paid views. The only way to speed up your initial progress is to use paid advertisements offered by Google, they are legit and can move your needle for you. If on budget, you might get attracted to spammers who would promise you fake views and subscribers. They would do more harm than they would do good. Do You Still Get Paid If You Buy YouTube Views? No, you don’t! Such malicious activities can get your channel banned too.

8. Follow the Rules

Why Do Youtubers Get Demonetized? YouTube terms and conditions do not only apply when you are joining YouTube partner program. If you are already monetized, and still you violate terms and conditions provided by Google, you will be in trouble like other people, who got their channels demonetized. When in doubt, ask for help on Google forums.

9.Engage with Community

Got first comment? Relax, reply to the comment in a calm, peaceful tone. Tell your viewers that you care about them. Take any criticism positively and constructively. For ease, it is better to use computer when you are moderating the comments on your videos. If your viewers ask about something that is already somewhere on your channel, indicate them the link to that video or playlist.


Getting started on YouTube is easy and requires you to take few necessary steps. Those steps are to brand your content, follow YouTube terms and conditions, know your audience’s behavior, and follow the industry best practices. This is all you need to start a YouTube channel.