What Does Unlisted Mean On YouTube?

Suppose you watched a video on YouTube that was sent by a friend or a colleague and you want to watch it again sometime later but you are not able to find it. While you might be using the same title of that particular video even with the exact channel name, you won’t be able to find that video again. The truth is that the video has not even been deleted from YouTube but you cannot find it by searching because its likely an unlisted video.

An unlisted video is a YouTube video that can not be found on YouTube, Google, or any other search engine. These videos are intentionally created by YouTube channel owners for various reasons and are helpful in many ways mentioned below.

There are certain factors we need to know about what does unlisted mean on YouTube and how does it differ from other types of videos on YouTube. Here we are going to discuss all the aspects of unlisted videos that you need to know.

Unlisted VS Private Video: Differences

Many people confuse the private video and unlisted video types available on YouTube.

A private video on YouTube can be shared by sharing a link with those friends the creator has already added in a list of allowed people, only these friends would have permission to watch the video. In order to view such a video, you must be signed in to your YouTube account. The maximum number of YouTube accounts you can allow on YouTube Private video is limited to 50.

Unlisted YouTube Video means your video will not show up in search results and neither on your channel page. However, unlike private video, there is no such limitation of giving permissions to only 50 accounts. There could be an infinite number of users who can possibly watch an unlisted video on YouTube.

Both private and unlisted videos do not count towards your public stats, YouTube analytics would not include impressions, clicks, and watch time of these videos.

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Why Use Unlisted YouTube Videos?

  • People upload videos as unlisted when they want to share a video with friends and family only instead of sharing it with the public.
  • To get feedback from friends, colleagues, and family members before it becomes publicly available.
  • For an already uploaded video, they can delete it for the public, but keep it available between certain groups of people.
  • For personal or professional reasons such as creating a video resume.

How to Find Your Own Unlisted YouTube Videos?

  1. On a web browser, You can go directly to or you can go to
  2. Go to your channel on the top right corner and click YouTube studio
  3. Inside YouTube on the left pane, click on the Videos option
  4. You will be able to see all your videos including unlisted videos

Can You Monetize Unlisted Videos?

No, unlisted videos cannot be monetized because they are not available to the public. An unlisted video is not available to the public so no ads will be shown on such a video. The commercial ads are always and strictly available to public videos only. Even an already monetized YouTube channel won’t be able to earn from an unlisted or private video.

Can Unlisted YouTube Videos Be Found?

As these videos are not public neither searchable, it is quite a difficult task to find an unlisted video on a YouTube channel. There is no exact workable method, however, the methods mentioned below can be deployed to find an unlisted video, please keep in mind that these methods have a low success ratio.

  1. Unlisted Video Website — There are some websites out there that claim to be search engines of unlisted videos.
  2. YouTube Playlists — If you have access to a public playlist, if someone adds an unlisted video to that playlist, you are most likely going to have access to that unlisted video too.

Changing Unlisted YouTube Video To Public?

You can go to the YouTube studio and go to Content on the left panel. Go to your specific unlisted video and you will be able to choose between Public, private, or unlisted. You can change your videos from private to the Public or vice versa.

Can Unlisted Videos Be Shared On Social Media?

As anyone with the link can view an unlisted video on YouTube, most definitely if you post a link on social media platforms like Facebook, they will be able to visit the link.

Can YouTube Delete The Unlisted Video?

Yes, YouTube can delete an unlisted video if it is suspicious about the content of the video, contains pornographic material, or any other sort of controversial or dangerous data.


Now that we have discussed unlisted videos in detail, it is clear to understand that there is a lot of differences between unlisted and private videos. If you are really concerned about privacy, you should not leave your videos as unlisted, make them private. Keep in mind that video that are not public, will not contribute to the watch time on your channel.