Why Do Youtubers Get Demonetized? A Must Read!

Being a successful YouTuber is a craze nowadays we see everywhere. The idea of making content on something you are passionate about and being rich and famous for is a dream job. But being on YouTube does not mean necessarily that you have made it. Starting a YouTube channel is easy but making it successful takes a great deal of time and effort. It is also possible to make a YouTube channel without being in front of the camera if your only requirement is revenue and not fame. Even after being successful, there is sometimes one such mistake or controversy that can make your whole channel demonetized and bring you back to zero.

The reason for YouTube demonetization can be content that contains pornography, copyrighted materials, adult filmography, foul language, hate speech, violent videos, radical political opinions, false news, or racism.

There are many reasons why the advertisers or YouTube decide why they don’t want ads to be placed on your videos. Here we’re going to discuss the reasons for demonetization in detail. So as a newly monetized YouTuber, you don’t make the same mistake and stay able to earn your best from your YouTube channel.

How Can You Tell If A YouTuber Has Been Demonetized?

It’s very easy to see if a channel has been demonetized. Go to the channel that you know was monetized previously, if a video ad before, after, or during the video plays on their video, then the video is monetized by YouTube and getting a chunk of that particular ad revenue. A banner ad’s presence confirms the monetization status of that channel too. You can also check the timeline of a video as it must have a yellow bar appearing at certain time codes where ads are supposed to appear. Any signs mentioned above mean that everything is normal and the channel is regularly monetized, a demonetized channel cannot show ads.

Below are the reasons why most YouTubers get demonetized and even get their channels removed entirely from the platform:

Copyrighted Content

There are certain ways content can be shown in a video and there are different policies regarding “fair use” but most of the YouTubers have experienced demonetization after using content that is copyrighted by the original content creator. Also, be noted this kind of video faces a strike on the channel if you get three such strikes your whole channel will be deleted by YouTube, so it’s better not to use copyrighted content if you want to build a long-term brand on YouTube.

Content For Children

YouTube released a statement which quotes: “All creators will be required to designate their content as made for kids or not made for kids in YouTube Studio, and data from anyone watching a video designated as made for kids will be treated as coming from a child, regardless of the age of the user.” the decision was made to ensure parents and COPPA that there will be no more commercial data usage when the children are watching videos on YouTube. In Europe, the EU has introduced GDPR-K, a version of the General Data Protection Regulation aimed at protecting children’s data. The difference between COPPA Dand GDPR-K is the age they consider for Children as COPPA age restriction is below 16 and GDP-R has the limit for 14 and below.

This has hugely effected both already established and new YouTube content creators. It is mandatory now to declare before uploading a video if it is made for children. Videos made for children will be uploaded as usual but will not be monetized.

Top 10 Words That Will Demonetize A YouTube Video

There are certain topics and words in a YouTube video that can flag the video and result in your video being demonetized. Mentioned below are the words that you’re recommended to never use in a video or make a video about.

1. War / Nazi

A famous YouTuber who made a video about the “Nazi time capsule discovered in Poland” got demonetized. Surprisingly this video was demonetized because of the fact it uses the word Nazi. This was before all the stuff went down with the advertisers too. YouTube does not want to associate itself comfortably with such videos neither do the advertisers, so such videos are always taken down in the context of advertising. You might still be able to find a lot of videos on this topic but be clear that any such video even if it exists, is not monetized by YouTube.

2. Racial Insults

Being racist is neither appreciated ethically or morally in the sophisticated world today neither does any brand want to associate itself with such videos that are considered or are clearly racist. You should not be calling out any particular race, country, a nation, and talk ill about them. So it is not recommended on any basis to make a video that promotes racism.

3. Swears

These are all obvious but it seems that YouTube doesn’t have an auto-detect forswears otherwise many YouTube videos wouldn’t be monetized. Inappropriate language is not a part of the advertiser-friendly content guidelines but isn’t being enforced massively.

4. Nude (Nudist, Nudity)

It is quite obvious that any variation of such words and such content will not be appreciated by YouTube as being a family-friendly platform. This is pretty obvious as YouTube does not allow adult content. So you should not be posting any content of such context.

5. 9/11

If you use the word like this even in your video title, it triggers the YouTube algorithm for the specific tragic incident that is considered sensitive content so that’s why the video will be demonetized.

6. Death

No one wants to advertise at a funeral, right? So it is quite clear if you are talking about or showing any such video which talks about any sort of death, no advertiser would want to put an ad on such video.

7. Foreign News, Deals, Partnerships

These words will trigger a response even when approved for manual approval that the content is too sensitive to be advertiser-friendly.

8. Locations: Middle East, Iraq, Iran

There are certain countries in today’s world that are still under war, not be confused that if you made any video in Iraq, Iran, or any other Persian country. You won’t be able to monetize it, The rule does not apply if you are making a video in a restaurant or in a home and is not related to the war in any context. Just be clear to not to make a video about subjects related to the war, political conflicts, natural disasters, and tragedies.

9. Eating Disorders Keywords: Skinny, Anorexic, Bulimia

Body shaming is a BIG NO! In today’s world, such ideas are not welcomed by any platform like YouTube or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So that’s why platforms will not be placing an ad on any such video which is considered a bullying video with body-shaming words or context.

10. Disaster: Tornado, Tsunami, Earthquake, Hurricane

Now that we are quite clear that YouTube will not be placing an ad on any tragic news, documentary, review, or any other sort of content that involves death, trauma, or any such incident so it obviously includes tornado, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane or any other such video.

Famous YouTubers Who Are Actually Demonetized

Shane Dawson

As mentioned before, YouTube does not allow hate speech or racial slurs. YouTube suspended monetization on all 3 of Shane Dawson’s channels after his controversial content was found and brought to notice in the public domain.

©Shane Dawson. Instagram

Dawson has not been active on any internet platforms afterward, the video which was the reason for such backlash had shown him having used the “n-word” in his video, he was also seen wearing blackface, and giving other racial slurs and hate speech.

Logan Paul

In 2018, Logan Paul became the talk of the talk town with his daily viral vlogs, vines, launched his own clothing brand, having collaboration videos with celebrities of Hollywood. Things were looking really fine until Logan Paul’s “suicide forest” video put him and YouTube in an irrecoverable controversy and being answerable to media and the Public. In it, Paul with his friends visits a place in Japan know as the Aokighara forest, encountered a dead body of a man who seems to be recently dead.  Instead of turning the camera off, logan did a huge mistake of shooting the dead man’s body zoomed to his hands and body. Although he blurred the face of the dead body, he was later being called out by content creators, influencers, media, and the public for putting out such video.

©Logan Paul Vlogs, YouTube

YouTube took the action against Logan Paul and they made huge changes to his YouTube partner program which resulted in a huge loss.

Covid-19 Videos Demonetized

Since the beginning of the year 2020, coronavirus has been the most discussed topic around the world. Obviously being in such a trend, YouTubers also wanted to make video on the most relevant and trendy topic in the world. But as YouTube is conscious that no one should be getting any fake news or remedy for the treatment so it has demonetized all videos related to coronavirus.

Mistakenly Demonetized

There are some exceptional cases where both large and small YouTubers have been demonetized mistakenly. The Content creators have announced it publicly and also reported the difficulty for appeal in such a case. However, it is possible to contact YouTube and clear the matter. So make sure if you face any such issue you can settle it with YouTube and get your channel monetized again.


YouTube is a family-friendly as well as one of the biggest platforms in the world. While you are making new content make sure to follow YouTube guidelines and YouTube community polices. YouTube does not like to have content that is offensive or does not serve the rights of content creators. So as being the part of the overall business, always make sure to follow the community guidelines and policies. Also make sure if you are in the initial phase, to not work on an idea that is not going to be welcomed by YouTube and does not have any interest from the advertisers.