Easy YouTube Video Background Ideas

While making a video on YouTube, aesthetics do play a vital role. Considering the fact that YouTube is a visual medium, you have to figure out the best of your resources to make your videos as attractive as possible to watch. While concentrating on yourself as being a presenter in your videos, there are many factors that you need to consider while choosing the background of your video, as it adds a strong value to your channel’s look.

There are many background ideas you can use in a YouTube video, such as a well-decorated room, aesthetically pleasing wall, green backdrop that you can change with a photo or virtual environment later according to the requirement.

There are many ideas you can use while choosing the background of your video and we will discuss them one by one in detail. The background of your video plays a vital role, so you need to consider a lot of elements such as color, the theme of your background, and the most suitable background type for the genre of your YouTube channel.

Room Or Office Set

As a YouTuber, you always want to make your videos pleasurable to watch. If you are making relatable funny skits, vines, haul or lifestyle channels, it is more likely that you choose a living room, bedroom, or office as the background for your videos. There are many YouTubers who have specifically made a set or are using their own home in their videos, where they perform the scene, give information, or rant. Before you choose to use any room as a background of your video, make sure it is well decorated and suits the look and feel of your channel. To have a better idea you can take inspiration from famous YouTuber’s in your genre.

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How Do You Put A Background On Your YouTube Video?

You can get a green backdrop also known as a green chroma screen from your nearest photography shop or buy them online. They are not so expensive to buy and give you the liberty to change the background of your choice in post-production. However, in order to put a different background and make it look realistic, you need to be an expert in post-production software like Adobe Premiere or Adobe Aftereffects. Don’t worry if you already are not familiar with such software, you can learn them through online tutorials on YouTube. It is also possible to hire a freelancer on Fiverr to get the task done at the minimum possible price.

You can make a banner for YouTube and create a background for your YouTube channel. There are also a bunch of ready-made templates and images freely available online. You can customize them and use them to create your specific banners for YouTube channels. It will give a great impression every time someone watches your video. Just go to Google and type “banner templates YouTube”. To get a free intro for your YouTube channel, explore the IntroJungle gallery of free intros.

There are many YouTube channels that are using the green screen for almost all their videos, such as Screen Rant’s series “Pitch meetings”. The series is completely made on a green screen background while using the photos of different offices of different eras in the background. Also, there is another solo YouTuber “Ryan George” who makes comedy videos while playing multiple characters. In most of his videos, he has used a green screen background and changed the locations every time accordingly.

There are some important factors you need to consider before you choose to start shooting with a green background.

Use a professional video camera/DSLR: Do not record videos on a low-resolution camera as it is very hard to get the details from a low-quality video and you might end up with a messy video.

Do not wear the same color as your backdrop: The green screen is mostly used as a backdrop because green is not the color of human skin at all, so it is easy to eliminate. If you wear a Green shirt while using a green screen, it would be very hard to key out(the technical word for removing) yourself from your video.

Best Background Color For Video

While choosing the colors of your channel, the first thing you need to consider is the genre of your YouTube Channel. If it is for kids, the color would differ from a gaming channel and vice versa. Here are some suggestions you can consider for your YouTube video background. You can also create a split complementary color scheme if you want to add more contrast. Do not use bright colors like yellow, orange, or red as they will cause color reflections and can be unflattering to your presenter or yourself. Here are some suggestions according to the genre of your channel.

  • YouTube growth hacks channel: Red and White
  • Women lifestyle channel: Pink and white
  • Men fashion guide: Grey or checkered wall.
  • Gaming channel: Black and green with RGB lights
  • Facebook/Instagram growth: Blue and white
  • News channel: Orange and blue
  • Sports channel: Red, white and black
  • Tech channel: RGB lights

Refer to a color wheel of your choice or you can use our recommended Adobe color to choose a complementary color scheme. Adobe Color is amazing and with few clicks, offers surprising color schemes that only a professional art director can. If you do not feel like using it, there are many alternates that you can use. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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Theme Specific Background

If you are making specific themed videos where your channel is completely based on one location. That will once and for all choose a background/location which will be applicable to all the content you make.

For example: If you are making a Fitness channel, most of your videos will be inside the gym. Choose a gym where people would like to go, do not choose a dirty gym or garage gym as most of your audience won’t like to associate themselves with such places.

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If you are making software tutorials where you show your face and desk at the same time, your work station will be the location of all your videos. In that case, you need a presentable chair and a wall in the background, both of them should be supportive of your overall theme. You can definitely add pictures, posters, lamps, and lights to make it more lively in order to avoid giving your viewers a boring visual. Did you know? There are many successful YouTubers who got success on YouTube with videos that did not include them.

For a cooking channel, your Kitchen is one of the most important elements just like your food and yourself (if you are featuring yourself in the video). Your house kitchen can definitely be used when you decide to create a YT channel. Make sure to choose aesthetical crockery to add more appeal to the cooking process as well as the final recipe. Ready to move forward? Here is the guide to Getting Started on YouTube in 2021.


Choosing a visually pleasing background while you decide to make YouTube videos is one of the important factors just like your own look, your audio, or animated text slides in the video. For your inspiration always check other channels in your niche and write down all the key points about the background in their videos. So choose a set, background, or a backdrop wisely, considering the overall image of your brand. Do not forget what brought you to YouTube and what you enjoyed watching before you started your own channel.